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OYEN Emotional Wellness Center is a bilingual and bicultural clinic that offers an array of mental health support. Our team is a group of highly qualified English and Spanish-speaking professionals that will meet your mental health needs. We pride ourselves on breaking down barriers that allow the Latino community to access mental health services, meeting our clients where they are at, and providing culturally responsive goals that are attainable for our clients.

Frozen Field


In the Fall of 2020, when Oregonians were forever impacted by wildfires, the Oregon Latino Leadership Network sprang into action and assembled a bilingual/bicultural mobile mental health crisis team. This team founded OYEN’s Emotional Wellness Center with the vision of being Oregon’s first Latino, Bilingual, Bi-cultural Mental Health Center that provides direct services statewide to communities in crisis and to have an established innovative mental health clinic. Since getting launched, OYEN’s programming has served over 450 people impacted by the Southern Oregon wildfires, through outreach, mental health therapy and telehealth/digital equity services.


A world where mental health care services are fully accessible and equitable for everyone.


The mission of OYEN is to improve the quality of life

of our diverse communities by providing:

• Trauma-informed culturally competent and        responsive mental health care services.

• Community tailored bicultural and linguistically specific, responsive and strategic programming.

• Reducing access barriers to care through advocacy and capacity building.

• Challenging mental health stigma through   cultural shift work.

• Growing and supporting our own pipeline of future therapists.

Pebble Beach


• Inclusion of all identities: we have comprehensive, responsive and strategic programming that humanizes everyone by individualizing and tailoring our services based on the clients needs and intersectional identities.

• Community Based Approach: We believe in helping people connect with their communities for support or building their own communities for their support and success. Humans are social beings that have evolved  to exist within communities. We believe in communities that promote feelings of resiliency, confidence and support (safety net). We want to build positive groups and communities that inspire their members in ways that promote a sense of self-discovery and connection for the commonwealth of everyone. We know that people succeed when they have a group of people  who have their back no matter what.

• Centering love, empathy and compassion is a way that still protects people’s boundaries and mental health.

• Meeting people where they are at. Leading with humility and flexibility.

• Having accessible, user-friendly systems and processes.

• Fostering an environment and culture where all people can feel welcomed, safe and supported.


• Top and high quality customer service

• Quality of service over quantity

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